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A wellness space right in your own home

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The growing awareness of the importance of wellness in the home has led to the development and widespread use of highly customizable and performing residential wellness solutions for maximum relaxation in small spaces.

Full wellness for total relaxation of the body and mind. The demand for home wellness systems and solutions for a real home SPA continues. The race for highly performing systems, with sophisticated, contemporary aesthetics, featuring elements that are appropriate or can be configured for use at home is increasing.

This may be because “feeling good” and allowing oneself moments of rest to break the rhythm of an increasingly hectic life have taken on renewed importance and because people have recently been spending more and more time at home, or there may be other reasons. Whatever the reason, more and more people are combining home-fitness technology with high-level wellness solutions.

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They seek systems that involve all the senses, that provide an intimate nest in which to regenerate, take time away from the daily grind, to devote themselves to the well-being of the spirit, not just the mere regeneration of physical energy.

Baths and hydromassage showers, saunas and hammams and combined systems provide a variety of regenerative effects in an integrated structure. They are all highly technological, highly performing systems that are customizable so that users can recreate specific scenarios that speak to their actual needs.

They are elements that can be integrated into the bathroom or a specific area in the home can be dedicated to them; they are safe, ergonomic micro-environments constructed with quality materials, efficient and sophisticated technologies, complemented with accessories and details that often make the difference. Of course, there is no shortage of more extended and varied systems that will allow these systems to be shared by more people.

Professional performance is our first and foremost consideration, but the aesthetic and formal aspect also plays an important part, as a wide variety of different styles with many different finishes, sophisticated color combinations and textures are available.

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Water, in all its forms and states, is the absolute protagonist of these daily rituals that remind us of the purification practices that have accompanied human life over the years. The regenerating liquid element is being mixed with air more and more effectively in whirlpool solutions. Rainfall showers can gently caress the body while cascading or more concentrated jets can provide an intensified massage. Water in home hammams delivers its beneficial effects in the form of steam. Water is an asset that needs to be used with care and awareness with systems that meet basic human needs while controlling consumption.

High-efficiency solutions that optimize the use of the "raw material”, are often combined to achieve an even better performance since all the senses need to be satisfied and involved in this process. With this precept in mind, there are now systems that include aromatherapy, chromotherapy technologies, or sound diffusion so that the music chosen through the various devices can contribute to perfecting a made-to-measure scenario.

The sophisticated intelligence of these systems and the ease with which they can be installed and used have contributed to their success in recent years. Awareness of the value of psychophysical well-being has certainly increased, and the need to take personal breaks has done the rest, taking residential wellness to unprecedented levels.

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