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You are welcome to visit our showrooms at any time and there is no need to make an appointment. You can visit us and explore our range of solutions to get an initial overview of the wide range available from Bertani. You will need the advice of one our salespeople for the realization of a project and/or a priceestimate. If you do require these services, you can avoid long lines and waiting times by making an appointment directly with your chosen point of sale. Our in-depth consulting requires time and attention to work on the project and on the different choices regarding materials, technologies and furnishings.

A 1:50 or 1:20 scale floor plan is required whether you are creating a new space or restructuring an existing one. This will allow you to work with our staff and choose the correct sizes for your project. If you are restructuring, thefloor plan you bring should indicate the position of the drains, the lighting layout, the electric sockets and anything else that defines the construction of the house.

We have a team of qualified installers available to our customers for the installation of complex solutions such as doors, shower enclosures, furniture, floor and wall coverings and also kitchens and furniture. For products that are normally installed by a plumber we provide the design, supply the products and offer pre and after-sales service, but not the assembly. If requested, we can provide names of specialized plumbers and refer you to them so that you can obtain a quote.

The law provides for the payment of reduced VAT on products intended for the construction of a first-time residence (4%), the construction of a second house (10%), conservative restoration and renovation (10%), and building renovation (10%).Our administrative office is at your disposal to verify if your particular project intervention qualifies for the reduced VAT.

If the requirements are met, the following documents must be provided upon confirmation of the purchase order:

  • photocopy of your ID;
  • photocopy of your tax identification number;
  • photocopy of the construction permit for a new construction or a technical certification report for a SCIA [certified notice of commencement of business] or DIA [construction start notice] renovation, which specifically describes the type of intervention authorized by the Municipality
  • the declaration for the application of reduced VAT.

We do not charge for the initial project consultation and the provision of an estimate.

The Bertani staff is at the disposal of all customers who require an on-site or in-home inspection, after having requested and evaluated a quote in the showroom. The on-site visit of our staff must be carried out as part of the development of the project itself and, for particularly complex projects, may end with the completion of the executive project by us. Our architects are at the disposal of customers and their designers to study in detail all the potential solutions, support them in the most complex choices and ensure thatthe work envisaged is feasible at all the stages of the intervention.We do not provide on-site inspections involving the simple installation of individual elements usually carried out by plumbers.After the materials are sold and installed, Bertani consulting services continuein the form of after-sales service, supporting our customers whenever an adjustment or fine tuning of installations or technologies is required.Our customer service is also available for any information and requests related to systems or products sold and/or installed by us, regarding their proper operation, maintenance and use over time.

Yes, Bertani's staff is able to create advanced renderings for any type of space and 3D representations to help you evaluate the correct insertion of furniture and complements in any environment. Through the sophisticated viewer we use with our innovative virtual reality system you are able to immerse yourself in the "virtual rooms", surrounded by the surfaces, finishes, materials and furnishings you have selected. This is a 360° experience that allows to validate your choices, to modify projects and build on the solutions.

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