Piping and accessories

In the infinite world of pipes, which differ insofar as diameter, materials used and types of use, there are solutions that ensure maximum strength and durability, limited heat loss as well as lightness, flexibility and ease of installation. The multilayer pipe is undoubtedly the most widespread. Composed of polyethylene and aluminum mesh, it combines the advantages of a metal pipe with the intrinsic qualities of plastic material to create heating and sanitary installations that can be installed simply and quickly. The copper tube is made of a precious material which is a perfect conductor and ideal for some uses. The technological evolution that has affected the processing of copper and in particular the realization of the finished product, which is the tube, has resulted in professional, efficient systems that are able to meet any need. The finished product, the tube, is a material subject to strict quality controls that is perfect for multiple uses. Reliable, safe and resistant, perfect for specific uses such as in hydraulic systems, where the purest raw material is used to ensure excellent performance.

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