Sanitizing devices

The quality and healthiness of the air is the first and foremost requirement of the people who live in homes and other indoor structures as well. Clean air free of harmful substances is a prerequisite for human comfort indoors, where 80% of human time is spent. The sanitization of the air and the control of its characteristics are therefore subject to continuous research and development by many stakeholders. AirDyn technology is based on the controlled bipolar ionization process, in which oxygen particles meet at high speed to generate kinetic energy, which in turn form ions. Ions in turn trigger redox reactions on volatile organic compounds (bacteria, pollutants, viruses, molds, etc.), reducing pollution within the environment and inhibiting the vital functions of bacteria and viruses. AirDyn is compatible with all air treatment equipment (fan coils, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc.) and provides free installation in the environment or inside heating and cooling systems that use air as a carrier. It sanitizes and protects the rooms during both heating and cooling.

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