Heating Bodies

Versatile, because they heat and cool the environment; flexible, because they can be installed outside or inside, at the bottom or at the top of the wall, exposed or recessed into a false ceiling; high performance, because technological evolution has made it possible to raise the level of performance by reducing consumption; silent, because the study of flows and the use of quality materials have virtually eliminated noise. Fan radiators and convectors are used in mixed heating and cooling systems and increasingly in conjunction with the use of a heat pump. The increasing attention to the aesthetic aspect of the machines allows them to be inserted in contemporary style environments and integrated with elegant and minimalist furnishings. Radiators for heating only, are of course also available. Modular elements made of steel, cast iron or aluminum, sculptural and organic shapes or, on the other side of the spectrum, with an essential and clean effect, provide a high caloric value and flexibility that allows for multiple installations in the available spaces.

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