Pumping systems

The uses are manifold, as are the conditions of use, but they all have in common the objective of pushing water through a pipe, with a force that allows it to be transported from one point to another. Pumping systems come many different types and in a wide range of reliable and safe solutions. From circulators for heating and refrigeration systems to submersible pumps for extraction from wells and irrigation to submersibles used to secure underground environments from flooding to pumps for fire-fighting systems. They push and conduct the water inside the radiator circuit or towards the hot water taps. Circulators are fundamental components of the heating and refrigeration system because they ensure the movement of the fluid in the circuit in order to transfer heat to the system components. Performance and efficiency have always been the main objectives of a circulator and the technological evolution of recent years has promoted advanced and flexible solutions. The increasingly popular inverter circulators that can modulate the amount of energy in relation to the different specific requirements of the user represent one of these solutions.

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