Radiant systems

This has been widely distributed for some years now. It has proven to be a high-performance, safe system capable of ensuring a high level of comfort in any environment. It has long since surpassed the limits of its intrinsic characteristics, thanks to technological evolution, management and control systems, the quality of the materials used, and the improvement skills of the installers Today the heating system with underfloor (or ceiling) radiant panels offers the guarantee of absolute well-being in homes and beyond. Uniform temperatures in all areas of the room, use of low temperature water, elimination of air flows and dust, elimination of wall obstruction as opposed to radiators. This is a high value added system that we increasingly offer for installation in new buildings and for renovation work when the thickness of the screed allows the installation of the panels. What about above? Any floor is compatible, even parquet flooring, so you can choose freely to suit your taste and style.

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