A precious commodity like water requires careful and sustainable management so that the right quantities are used where and when they are needed. This way of doing things is not always simple, as it is influenced by different and changing needs. Therefore, the correct balance is difficult to achieve but necessary, not just for a well-kept and luxuriant garden or green space but also to keep pace with the increasing attention paid to the correct use of the planet's resources. A wide range of components allows you to design and build a specific irrigation system for each context, sized and managed according to different needs. To water the garden even when you are away, regulate the flow of water according to the characteristics of the weather, and ensure the correct water supply for each specific essence. Without wasting even a drop! - Among the types of irrigation systems available, differentiation is initially achieved according to the system’s positioning in relation to the soil. We can supply systems for underground or surface installations ("Above ground") each with its own specificity and characteristics. These accurate and precise solutions are particularly recommended where it is necessary to diversify the water flow within a green space. Drip systems are particularly suitable for terraces with potted plants and vegetable gardens because rate of the water flow rate can be calibrated according to the different needs of the plants. Special systems for the irrigation of small, precisely delineated spaces such as hedges, borders and flowerbeds. Micro irrigation circuits that bring the water to where it is needed without wasting precious quantities on pavements, roads or walkways.

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