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antoniolupi redefines the sleeping area with beds that seamlessly combine elegance and comfort


The essentiality of contemporary geometries, combined with the tailored design that meets diverse style needs through customized materials, textures, and colors, embodies the elegance of a brand that extends beyond its traditional bathroom environment to other areas of the home.
The antoniolupi living and sleeping collections were conceived from these principles. With these new offerings, the brand extends beyond its renowned bathroom expertise to create new narratives for every area of the home.

The antoniolupi style and materials for a cohesive total look home

With antoniolupi's signature style and approach—characterized by clean lines, functional excellence, and meticulous attention to space and dimensions—the brand offers refined solutions for both living and sleeping areas.
This proposal consists of elements that seamlessly fit into modern contexts while also harmonizing with more classical environments. It brings a touch of contemporaneity through an architectural language composed of full and empty spaces, intersecting planes, planar surfaces, and clear-cut volumes. These integrate with soft lines and enveloping shapes, creating a dynamic interplay of elements that interact with the surrounding space. The coherence of materials and shapes, along with refined details, defines a discreet and unostentatious luxury that characterizes an intricate proposal for both living and sleeping areas. In this collection, nothing is left to chance, and it is designed to evolve over time with new elements and complements.
High-quality fabrics and leathers allow for the customization of the bed's appearance, adding personality and character to the room.

Sofi: the lightness and elegance of the suspended bed

Sofi is a bed with a slender metal frame that provides a sense of both suspension and solidity. The brilliant aluminum frame reflects light and colors throughout the room, blending seamlessly with the surroundings and highlighting surfaces, textures and colors.



The essential geometric figures of the Charlie bed

The Charlie bed is designed around two pure geometric figures—a rectangular bed frame and a headboard with a trapezoidal cross-section. These elements are juxtaposed to define the key aspects of the design. The diagonal lines of the headboard add dynamism and slenderness to the overall design, with its essential form enhanced and emphasized by prominent stitching that serves as a decorative element.



The aristocratic allure of the Geneva bed

Ginevra is distinguished by its aristocratic allure and intrinsic elegance. Its ultra-thin metal profile forms a clear, seamless line that defines the bed's base and doubles at four points to create the feet. A substantial bed frame transitions seamlessly into a headboard, creating a continuous volume that softly accommodates the mattress.



The timeless checked pattern for the TRL bed

Continuing the legacy of experiences and products designed for the company, the TRL bed by gumdesign builds upon the theme of regular patterns introduced in the Tra Le Righe collection, which includes wallpapers, carpets, and now, the bed.
The distinctive checked pattern, which is the hallmark of the collection, decorates the headboard of the bed. A timeless pattern that transcends fashions, offering a design that is both classic and contemporary.



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