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From function to form: tables that define the unique character of a living room

Tavolo Colico Samurai

Tables, the focal points of the living room and beyond, often juggle the aesthetic and functional demands of contemporary home living. Size, form, and material all play a role as they interpret the formal requirements of the interior design project, either harmonizing with the rest of the home's furnishings for a unified look or standing out as a bold statement piece. Table surfaces and legs offer a range of options, from sleek geometric designs and various construction techniques to extreme minimalism and intricate sculptural artistry. And then there are the countless material, color, and finish options for making this the design and focal point of your home.

Colico tables are made with intricate craftsmanship

The desire to exhibit traditionally Italian ingenuity and 'savoir-faire' inspired Colico to create tables that are distinguished by the workmanship of the legs and an in-depth understanding of spectacular yet challenging materials like wood and steel. Materials that accentuate the tables and sculptures that breathe life into organic forms, culminating in an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. As in V6, where the steel ring acting as the base is enhanced by the flexible ash wood structure, evoking the concept of a tree and its generative essence.

Tavolo Colico V6

In Italo and Circus the steel rods' curvature is what characterizes a lightweight and lively framework, infusing dynamism and motion throughout. The surface appears to perform a dance in its space, maintaining stability while also being 'unrestrained' in its ability to convey various sensations contingent upon the chosen materials and colors.

Tavoli colico circus italo

Dynamic and sculptural forms for the Elica table by Zanotta

Sculptural in nature, yet simultaneously lightweight and capable of conveying power and a spiraling motion that emanates energy extending from the table into the surrounding space. The Elica table by Zanotta is the outcome of meticulous research into materials and their various potentials, resulting in the creation of a base crafted from Cristalplant®, a composite material comprising polyester and acrylic resins infused with pigmented minerals for added mass. This material is both durable and flexible, providing sturdy support for tabletops of various shapes, crafted from crystal or marble in this table. Like a dancer's dress, Elica's base twirls in space with grace and lightness, creating trajectories and swirls that catch the eye.

Tavoli zanotta elica

A chic longitudinal incision serves as a distinctive feature of Rimadesio's Francis table

Although the frame and legs are crucial in shaping the table's appearance, the tabletop often takes center stage. The shapes may not be limitless, but the choice of materials, textures, surface finishes, color pairings, and specific customization details can truly set tables apart. For example, take the Francis table by Rimadesio. Beyond the elegantly industrial die-cast aluminum leg structure, it's the specific details of the rectangular tabletop that define the design. Initially, there's the symmetrical longitudinal cut that divides the tabletop. A narrow gap that divides the surface but actually binds it together, imbuing it with three-dimensionality along with the tapered, curved edge that enhances the sense of airiness.

Tavoli rimadesio francis

Tavoli rimadesio francis 2

Zanotta’s Tweed table features curvaceous forms and textures that are reminiscent of a leaf

The forms take on an organic quality, with the intricate craftsmanship of the tabletop material transforming into decorative elements. This interplay of elements opens up possibilities for creating fluid and irregular compositions. Tables from the Zanotta Tweed line have individual personalities, but they share a signature design element: a woven tweed pattern that is reminiscent of herringbone material. A detail that enhances the organic quality of the tabletop and the overall table, which has no right-angled components, whether in the stone or the various wood top versions. The graphic sign's veining and the diagonal line that divides the surface into halves are evocative of a leaf.

Tavoli zanotta tweed

Tavoli zanotta tweed 2

Elegance and versatility of the Long Island extending table by Rimadesio

Tables are not always unchanging. Extendable tables have never had it easy in the world of design and high-end furniture. Today, technological advancements, optimized material performance, and component miniaturization enable a reduction in the size and bulk of mechanisms.
Rimadesio's Long Island extending table truly embodies the brand's technical DNA and minimalist style. The attention to detail in the joint between the leg and table top sets it apart as a distinctive design element. The advanced sliding mechanism ensures effortless and seamless opening and closing operations, ensuring a flawless and continuous surface between the fixed part of the top and the additional sections, which come in various materials.

Tavoli rimadesio Long island

Tavoli rimadesio Long island 2

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