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The wardrobe serving as a picturesque bedroom backdrop


Beloved chests that zealously protect garments, clothing, and accessories; bedroom protagonists that set the scene for the bedroom; complex systems that maximize space with individualized measurements and meet everyone's practical demands with the help of parts, mechanisms, and add-ons. Although closets have evolved through the years, their remarkably rigorous geometric shape has remained the same, and they have been augmented with technical equipment and new aesthetic finishes. Manufacturers nowadays are concentrating on these difficulties to guarantee extreme customization of their range and enable each customer to tailor a personalized closet, as trends in colors, materials, types of openings, and internal organization of volumes have altered over the years.

The significance of easy and convenient access to all storage areas

This concept characterises all the solutions proposed by Veneran Furniture. The use of high-quality raw materials, a variety of door opening options, and elegant finishes all contribute to the cabinets' high quality, which in turn gives a room its character, defines its style, and communicates the superiority of Italian craftsmanship. First, we have alternatives with varying sized hinged doors; these doors indicate the cabinet's breadth and account for the actual overall dimensions of the same in respect to the other room features.
Cabinets, when designed in three dimensions to maximize space utilization, should provide a pleasant user experience by facilitating practical and functional access to each compartment and being appropriately sized for the passage ahead.


The contents of an all-glass cabinet are displayed by rendering the container's image indestructible.

After we've established the dimensions, door widths, and scanning of the internal modularity, we can focus to the front design, which lets us incorporate the closet into the room's ambiance or, alternatively, showcase it as a "break" from the overall harmony of the style. The Veneran concept offers a wide variety of garment alternatives through the incorporation of modern interior design ideas.
An artistically stunning and daring choice, the all-glass option dematerializes the container picture to reveal the content. With everything neatly packed within, the closet transforms into a see-through display case. An ideal solution that eliminates the need to "buy" visual space by reducing volume; a model that uses light to highlight structural finishes, textures, and colors; and so on.



The tridimesionality of the canneté swing door

The cannulated door's surprising three-dimensionality manipulates the space by drawing attention to the vertical dimension and scanning the length of the cabinet with lines specified by continuous protrusions and indents, creating a pattern that mimics a scanning motion. Wood, whether natural or dyed, creates an ongoing contrast between solids and spaces that gives the front movement, moving beyond an overly rarefied pushed simplicity.



The closet's doors, made of leather with a handcrafted core, have an unexpectedly gentle feel.

The green door closet by Veneran, which features noticeable stitching and features leather as the main protagonist, highlights the product's handcrafted character and predicts the worth of its contents, without actually revealing it. Reframing the backgrounds and drawing a regular grid on the doors, this detail elevates uniform modern chromes.
Leather not only adds a touch of warmth to any space, but also unexpectedly softens the otherwise structurally hard cabinet.


Closets with sliding doors for optimal space management

Sliding door cabinets, of which Veneran offers a variety of alternatives, include one that reduces volume when closed and opened. Now, even very large doors may be safely and smoothly moved thanks to the tried-and-true sliding mechanisms.


Material asymmetry: creating eye-catching cabinetry by contrasting various finishes

Depending on the surface scan and the design of the closet, the door finishes can be minimalist and smooth or embellished with elements that define the panels.
A more sophisticated glossy or matte glass finish in any shade of the Veneran color chart complements the lacquered door in neutral matte or glossy tones.
Because it creates a gentle picture that softens the structure's impression in space, the translucence of the etched bronze mirror finish makes the entire volume of the cabinet priceless. As a solution that "duplicates" space, increases vistas and perspectives, and adds utility to the cabinet, mirror finishes entirely eliminate the volume. These finishes are complemented by the warmth of wood essences in natural or stained finishes.
The use of contrasting materials in space design allows for the creation of eye-catching scenic walls, where reflective surfaces alternate with solids and voids.

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