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Matter and colour


Color is the main element of an environment that conveys joy, elegance, dynamism, tranquility and rigor. Color enhances spaces in a creative and original way, making each environment unique and personal. Decorating with color means allowing the material to express different effects, revealing nuances and iridescent reflections, or standardizing everything seamlessly, effectively cancelling out signs and differences that need to be muted. Color plays can transform the identity of a place, questioning the dimensional relationships and hierarchical balances of its elements.


Color Collection

There are over 150 shades available in the Kerakoll Color Collection, cleverly organized into 15 families or vertical color scales. Neutral or brighter colors, pastel or metallic shades, absolute whites or deep blue and grey tones. An endless combination of colors can be achieved through sophisticated color combinations, based also on the material the colors are applied to. Walls and masonry dialogue with parquet and ceramics to express the essence of a coherent design that expands beyond the boundaries of the project and the physical limits of the spaces, enhancing the spirit of the materials.


Warm Collection

Piero Lissoni’s soft and elegant palette has resulted in the exclusive Warm Collection. It consists of 10 shades ranging from white to black as they travel through the richness of neutral and natural tones, to interact with environments of different styles and sizes. These colors can be enhanced through tone on tone combinations or more explicit contrasts that give depth to a volume, dynamism and three-dimensionality to a surface or character to a detail. These colors build new backdrops and domestic micro-architectures, often with skillfully mixed shades to design complex scenes together with furnishings, accessories, lights and sounds.




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