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The restorative power of water meets the refined aesthetic


In recent times, mini-pools have surged in fame, becoming a common sight on terraces, spacious loggias of contemporary residences, and private gardens. They offer a wonderful opportunity to relax and relish the outdoors, catering to individuals residing in highly urbanized environments or in places where the natural surroundings encourage outdoor pursuits. By bringing back water's original function as a rejuvenating component in self-care, Disenia's Wellness Collection offers suggestions that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical.

Spas: Transforming Home Spaces into Sanctuaries for Everyday Wellness

Mini-pools embody a sustainable and personalized approach to home wellness, reshaping everyday experiences and rituals associated with well-being. With a commanding presence and a fusion of cutting-edge technology and modern design, this elegant spa boasts refined aesthetic elements that seamlessly blend with the style, colors, and materials of any outdoor setting. Its aesthetic customization ensures a perfect harmony with the ambiance, enhancing the overall mood of the space. Its compact dimensions enable seamless integration into various environments, while its straightforward installation process alleviates any apprehensions regarding the technical complexity of the product. Designed for everyday use in the comfort of home, this solution offers accessible and affordable well-being for domestic settings.

Helba 240 bianca incasso-1

Rejuvenating hydrotherapy and chromotherapy are part of a comprehensive program for health and relaxation

Switching on the spa, adjusting the temperature and type of hydromassage, and managing functions like chromotherapy—which in the Disenia models includes lights that can generate seven different colors, each with a beneficial property—in the nozzles, at the bottom of the tub, and under the headrest—are all done using the digital, water-resistant keypad. Disenia spas use a combination of the WHIRLPOOL system (hydromassage with jets of water mixed with air) and the AIRPOOL system (air jets from valves at the bottom of the mini-spa) for optimal performance. The aesthetics feature luxury materials, exquisite detailing, and Mediterranean-inspired colors. Immersing oneself entails being able to recharge one's body and mind, 'taking time', and having a personal experience in a reassuring and private setting, such as one's own home.


Spa Water Sanitation

Aside from the essential filtration process, it is advisable to have a thermal cover for the spa. This cover serves to block out airborne impurities, prevent accidental debris like insects and leaves from entering, and plays a significant role in maintaining the internal water temperature. Unlike whirlpool baths, mini spas do not require draining after each use. Disenia's mini-pools feature an innovative filtration and disinfection system that incorporates bromine directly into the filter. Bromine, being less irritating than chlorine, effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and fungi without leaving behind chemical residues, thereby rendering it a more environmentally friendly option.


Islands of relaxation

Claudio Papa's Wellness Collection mini-pools seamlessly integrate advanced technical features with sophisticated and thoughtfully crafted design elements, ensuring that each model is entirely distinct and customized to meet the user's specific needs. Real havens of relaxation, providing a space to rejuvenate both body and mind. Indeed, the new models take their names from certain islands in our sea.


Gilium is named after Giglio, a stunning island in the Tuscan Archipelago famed for its natural beauty. This medium-sized square spa (210 x 210 cm) features sleek, minimalist lines and can comfortably accommodate up to four people. The ergonomic chaise longue offers exceptional hydromassage experiences, whether in a seated or reclined position.


Helba 240

Helba, on the other hand, draws its name from the renowned island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Helba 240 edition is a mini-pool with substantial interior volumes that provides multiple seating options in a well-organized space of 240x210 cm. The innovative hydromassage nozzles with integrated LED light and six seating options accommodate up to five persons seated facing each other.


Helba 210

In contrast, Helba 210 is the smallest of the series, measuring 240x160 cm. It provides excellent performance in a smaller space, with careful ergonomics that allow three people to enjoy the spa at the same time, a beneficial hydromassage featuring two face-to-face seated positions, and a luxurious chaise longue for the pleasure of absolute immersion.


Complete customization of the wellness area

All models are available in freestanding or built-in versions. In the first example, the concepts from The Wellness Collection series can be clothed with an external panel in Verde Agave, Grigio Metallizzato, Pietra Leccese, Rovere Miele, or Bianco Lucido. The choice of various colors adds character to the final aesthetic, whether aiming for a casual or sophisticated vibe, ensuring seamless integration with the home's style. Details and accessories offer unlimited possibilities for customization, enhancing both the visual appeal and practicality according to individual preferences. Accessories designed to complement the water tanks enhance the overall experience, providing added functionality and convenience. The include features like the Atollo and Lido valet stands, ladders, towel rails, soft headrests, and luxurious Grecale and Libeccio shower columns, these elements serve to enhance the mini-pools, creating a comprehensive relaxation zone.



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