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Paper scenery in the bathroom


After a long hibernation from public view, wallpaper has made an energetic comeback. This is how the use of wallpaper in residential spaces has developed. After initially experiencing an extraordinary level of success, wallpapers were totally absent from interior design and furnishing trends, replaced by materials with different aesthetics, performance and durability. In recent years, however, things have changed and wallpapers have returned to the scene with their own identity, their own special features, extraordinary aesthetic value and, very importantly, greatly improved technical characteristics. 

So it is that the last wallpaper taboo - bathrooms- where water and humidity reign, has now been broken.

Impactful graphics in the most intimate space

Wallpaper enters the most private space in the home, with brighter or softer colors, decorations with a strong personality or more sophisticated graphics, images with a strong impact or more sophisticated nuances. Personalization is the watchword, so that everyone can find their own mood, nurture their own personality, express their own taste, and create a welcoming setting in an environment so that it becomes a place of personal well being in all respects, not only a service area. So it should come as no surprise that there are more daring choices with iconic subjects, classic graphic themes, familiar subjects as well as delicate colorways in the shower space, undoubtedly the most complex area in terms of performance.

High technical performance

The dazzling return of this material is a direct result of its evolution over time. Modern wallpapers have very little resemblance to those of the past. Better materials are used on overall stronger paper with more detailed digital printing of the graphics, a simpler lay-out, and  more environmentally friendly handling of glues. Everything changed on a technical level so that wallpaper could once again compete with plaster, ceramics and other coverings that had dominated the sector for years. Today's wallpapers are stronger, more durable, retain their colors and textures over time and they are more resistant to heat, water and other liquids. The gap that separated them from higher-performance materials has now partially narrowed and therefore the advantages that have always distinguished wallpapers can now be enjoyed.

Ease of installation

It is easy to install and radically renew the image of a bathroom or other room in the house, simply by applying wallpaper to an existing surface without having to remove the existing coverings. Smoothing or paneling is required to restore perfect flatness to the surface to create an excellent basis for positioning the wallpaper precisely in accordance with the design. Paper applied in the bathroom environment performs the function of a waterproof sheath protecting the masonry, its aesthetic expression is rich in references and cross-references and it is able to create a truly unique atmosphere.

Wet System

The Wet System collection by Wall&Deco collection is especially designed for damp environments and consists of totally waterproof wallpapers. Versatile and resistant, these wallpapers can be applied to concrete, plasterboard, civil plaster, PVC, glass or tile surfaces. They feature a technical coating with a maximum thickness of 1.5 mm, consisting of a glass fiber fabric, a waterproofing primer and a transparent finishing system, which has excellent resistance to yellowing, impact and abrasion and household detergents while it complies with fire regulations. Floral and nature-inspired motifs, subtle colors, geometric patterns and all kinds of decorations add a unique touch to the bathroom.


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