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Passion and excellence in the kitchen!

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The kitchen is the hub of the home, the environment around which family life revolves. The kitchen is synonymous with conviviality, with technology that promotes well-being and quality food, for the restoration of the mind and body. The kitchen evokes the past while looking towards the future, it represents tradition, feeling, tales and stories as much as it does innovation, research and design.

The evolution of the kitchen has transformed a simple utilitarian space into a multifunctional, open and dynamic environment that hosts people, an environment where experiences can be shared and work can be done. Above all, the kitchen is a place in which to cultivate the passion of cooking.

The explosion of the food sector in recent years has done much to transform domestic kitchens into semi-professional spaces, designed with performance in mind, using advanced technology, hygienic and sustainable materials. Everything is enhanced by personalized design and style, expressed in the furnishings and finishes, the choice of appliances and the complements and accessories that help to define the overall setting.

Designing a kitchen involves knowledge of technologies and systems, careful analysis of the customer's needs and an in-depth look at the daily actions each of us performs in this space. Functionality, ergonomics, safety and hygiene are the key issues around which to build your kitchen. The materials have to be top-notch as they are put to the test daily like never before with the use of food, the presence of acids and aggressive substances.

The act of cooking itself needs to be a comfortable process, therefore ergonomics is of the essence. Safety too is essential when using tools or potentially dangerous energy sources such as gas.

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All ‘intelligent machines’ have evolved to an amazing extent. The appliances in our kitchens today are increasingly high-performance but also easy to use. They are connected and can be controlled, even remotely, with apps, smartphones and other devices and can communicate with the user, suggesting settings and programs for food preparation. They are also efficient because they save energy, and elegant because their contemporary lines are best integrated into the design of the kitchen where they disappear completely when recessed.

Another major issue is sustainability, which is expressed as comfort and well-being in our living areas, including the kitchen. We use natural materials and paints to ensure that the air we breathe is healthy and purified and that the water we use is safe for consumption; our work surfaces are hygienic and our appliances efficient to ensure that our kitchens are healthy and not wasteful. Mini vegetable gardens, the use of technologies that promote local consumption and new systems for preserving and reusing food are flourishing.

Certainly, esthetics depends on the personal taste of each customer, but the range available on the market today is able to meet all requirements. Stark minimalism has given way to ‘warmer’ and more welcoming proposals; the essential and contemporary lines have been embellished with elegant finishes and sophisticated textures, as sophisticated color combinations are added to the all-encompassing white palette.

The proposals embrace a wide range of solutions that allow customers to choose between framed doors featuring handles or grooves, kitchens with an island or one-piece straight line designs.

Kitchens are designed like tailor-made suits made according to the needs of each customer.

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