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Pooltime in winter


A year round relaxation room that projects the identity of the house outdoors for open-air living in any season. Terraces, gardens and outdoor spaces have become even more valuable assets in recent years, and modern technologies and systems can transform them into welcoming places in which to relax and take a break from hectic contemporary life. 

Domestic well-being spaces

These are spaces in which to dedicate time to restore body and mind, in a designated place in contact with nature in which to perform our primal rituals and take care of oneself. There is a fast growing trend involving installing swimming pools and spas in gardens, terraces and green spaces. These become places of domestic well-being where design and technology meet with ergonomics and personalized scenarios contributing to creating unique atmospheres. Customized glass structures surround and enclose the pools as if in a shrine, so these environments can be enjoyed all year round including during the winter months.

Transparent insulating membranes

Thin but high-performance profiles, transparent glass panes that create a perfect barrier from even harsh outdoor conditions, sunken or above ground swimming pools or mini-pools with covers that can be walked on even when the pool is not in use. A personalized wellness space can be created with a multitude of different solutions in terms of aesthetics, locking systems, dimensions and performance. Transparent membranes separate but visually connect, offering an unobstructed view of the outdoors while taking advantage of the beneficial essence of natural light. These limitations disappear in the summer season when both the sides and the roof of the veranda open. There are various design solutions that allow any water surface to be covered with telescopic systems, manual or motorized sliding covers, bioclimatic pergolas.

Controlling temperature and humidity and ensuring that systems such as dehumidifiers, air recirculation, filtering systems and security systems operate correctly is fundamental in these spaces. Glass enclosed conservatories and glazed structures must interact to create a perfect balance between human well-being and environmental protection.

Jacuzzi spas

Jacuzzi spas are the  perfect answer to different needs in terms of space, aesthetics and functionality. There are many different models in terms of size and shape, equipped with the latest generation of hydromassage systems for absolute comfort but with reduced consumption thanks to a perfect mix of area and water. Sinuous or sharper lines, different coverings in terms of materials, colors and finishes, accessories and technological options for advanced and intelligent machines that are increasingly connected, but at the same time simple to use and easy to maintain.

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