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The charm of books and bookcases


Their original purpose has persisted through the years, but they have grown into intricate systems that may now contain and furnish a room, divide it into several sections, and serve as the focal point of fresh viewpoints on domestic life. Bookcases are no more weighty shelves containing dusty volumes, but rather light, nimble, and versatile constructions that do not have to be wall-mounted and appear to vanish into the background when books and objects are placed on their shelves. Bookcases, which are thin and sturdy enough to hold a lot of books, have also been influenced by the evolution of materials, which has led to the rise of more adaptable solutions while displacing others that were popular in the past due to their more commanding appearance.

Adding personality to a room with bespoke bookcase designs

Contemporary bookshelves, like all modern furniture, are characterized by a strong emphasis on personalization. Personalized projects evaluate the accessible area while paying particular attention to dimensions and weight, utilizing design flexibility to articulate open or closed storage units, and paying close attention to aesthetics when selecting colors, woods, and finishes. This gives rise to ideas that reflect the everyday tastes and preferences of the residents while also telling a story and giving the area personality. Elements are always changing because the image changes in tandem with the particular context.


The modern bookcase's protagonists: metal and glass

Metal has played an important role in this development because it guarantees an exceptionally high load capacity while allowing for the containment of thicknesses in the structure and the shelves. Glass, which had been out of style for a while, is also making a triumphant comeback today to characterize the enclosed, see-through, or translucent areas of the bookcase arrangement, with volumes that house the dishes, vases, and other items that can be either concealed or showcased.


Aesthetic lightness for the Wind bookcase

The Wind family of bookshelves, a revolutionary modular system with great aesthetic lightness built entirely of aluminum thanks to the union between extruded shelves and die-cast uprights, suggests that metal is one of Rimadesio’s preferred materials. For ultimate stability, Wind's vertical modularity relies on nylon fiber connecting joints that engage with the uprights. An mdf top that has been coated and laminated and then topped with a double aluminum plate serves as the terminal element for each composition.



Sartorial craftmanship characterises the Zenit bookcase

The Zenit bookcase made by Rimadesio, is made of metal and features uprights that can be adjusted in height and space from floor to ceiling, allowing for a wide variety of shelf and container configurations. This is an adaptable project for both storage and display, perfect for homes, offices, and other commercial spaces. Style can be effortlessly integrated into any setting because to the wide range of finishes available, including glass, wood, and aluminum surfaces.



Strict geometries for Opus bookcase

The modular Opus bookshelf system by Rimadesio is constructed entirely of extruded aluminum. In contrast to other systems its generating elements are the square and the rectangle creating strict geometries for eye-catching, tailor-made residential spaces.
Opus is perfect for adding character to any room, whether it's a home or office, thanks to its perfectly mirrored surface and adaptability to various storage options (drawers, drop-down doors, etc.).



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