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The poetry of wireless lighting


It is elegant but informal, precious but versatile, decorative while functional, capable of illuminating any environment while furnishing it with taste and personality. Wireless lighting has enjoyed great success in recent years because it is able to cater to a wide range of needs in the home and elsewhere.

The flexibility of environments, the need to reconfigure spaces, the desire to transform living spaces into welcoming, safe, inviting and joyful nests, have led to the spread of these nomadic rechargeable autonomous lamps that can follow you wherever you want to go now that they are no longer wired.

Sophisticated lighting

Table lamps, which can sophisticatedly illuminate a dinner in a living room or a desk for remote working. Floor lamps, which can be functional and create an atmosphere in the sleeping area but can also illuminate an outdoor space, a garden, or an open-air environment. Luminaires that fulfil their function thanks to sophisticated technology, advanced, low-consumption light sources and high-quality, resistant, durable materials. Lamps that decorate with their presence, sometimes melting into the room to let the light play the leading role or, on the contrary, stand out with upbeat shapes, brilliant colors, bright tones.

Wireless lights, powered by more or less powerful batteries, are a mirror of the identity and personality of those who use them, they are trustworthy presences that impart security, ignite the imagination and generate surprise. They are light, so they can be easily transported anywhere by anyone, they usually have a small footprint, and because they are designed for small spaces, they are flexible because they can take on different configurations and geometries.

The magical solutions of Davide Groppi

Like the proposals by davidegroppi, a forerunner of this type of lamp that is always recognizable for its ability to express a poetry of light that goes beyond the simple purpose of illuminating. Magical solutions, small "luminous machines", jewels of light such as Bugia, a small cylinder that emits an extraordinary diffused light or Tetatet that enhances every table with its magnetic base and its ability to generate a discreet but elegant light, illuminating the table top and the objects placed on it as it diffuses light into the room.



The practicality of Flos

Portable lamps that become modern lanterns, redefining their shape but re-proposing their essence, as in Philippe Starck's In Vitro for Flos. A small volume of light, a metal skeleton protecting a glass bulb that houses the light source. Equipped with a practical handle for easy transport, including outdoors, it charmingly and elegantly illuminates both manmade and natural environments. 


The fascinating geometries of Artemide

Often a synthesis of pure geometries and clear volumes, these lamps illuminate details, highlight materials and outline paths as they draw attention to hidden details. Artemide 's perfect O designed by Alejandro Aravena fits in like a portal of light, or rather a ring in its small mobile version that encloses a soft, diffuse light.


Sophisticated light and shadow by Vibia

Discreet presences, multifunctional objects, such as the solid steel structure of the Meridiano by Vibia, is a discreet, multifunctional object that can morph into a comfortable outdoor seat as well as a practical table illuminated by a LED light source positioned at an invisible point under the top that generates a sophisticated alternation of shadow and light. Perfect for gardens, the borders of swimming pools and outdoor spaces in general, it adds conviviality to any place by bringing people together around the light to meet, talk and share moments of relaxation and leisure.


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