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The shapes of wood


A natural material par excellence capable of creating a welcoming atmosphere in any environment. Wood is a sustainable, recyclable, certified raw material free of substances that are harmful to human health and the environment. Ancient but with modern functionality, the aesthetic and technical functionalities of wood and the fact that its character can be enhanced in many ways often make wood the protagonist of the most innovative and creative interior projects. On the floor, it is used to create elegant and refined parquet flooring in light tones or with more pronounced accents, or on the wall as precious boiseries that complement the other architectural elements in the space.  

Unprecedented layout designs and formats

The uniqueness of the material, the unrepeatable nuances and the authenticity of each element make wood flooring perfect for residential and other applications. The range of woods and finishes is very wide and there are many different solutions in terms of formats, sizes, combinations and laying methods. From the most traditional to the most innovative proposals, to the redeployment of old school installation types and more essential and functional contemporary solutions. The aim is to accentuate the characteristics of the wood, highlighting its grain and specific features to generate a personalized atmosphere that goes with the style of the project and the mood of the space. From the most classic layouts with strips and planks of different lengths and sizes to the most sophisticated, from “herringbone" to  “squares” layouts, reminiscent of interiors of yesteryear, to seemingly forgotten formats such as hexagons and unusual patterns , on the opposite spectrum.



Merging of geometries and colors

The use of precious woods, as in Woodco's Signature collection, results in solutions with high added value that furnish a space with their presence, telling tales of shared values, excellence and memory. Aesthetic proposals of great scenic impact obtained through the contamination of different geometric shapes to give life to stylish atmospheres or recreate an extremely contemporary industrial aesthetic. A solution characterized by multicolored juxtaposed strips obtained through the use of pre-finished parquet elements with tongue and groove joints that allow for quick and practical laying.

A proposal with a retro yet very trendy look such as the hexagon and the herringbone that enhance the aesthetics of the wood, the grain of the surface, the chromatic vibrations and the slight, or more marked, changes in tone. The multitude of compositions and designs are further extended by the dimensional variety and the different formats available for the border tiles and listels with a width of 7 cm and a length of 120 or 180 cm for an effect opposite to that obtained with the use of large planks which has been very successful in recent years.

Combining wood and other materials

The modernity of wood accentuates the material through combination with other materials such as resins, ceramics, marble or natural stone, with which it creates a virtuous duo that imparts charm, personality and style to any space. On the wall, the three-dimensionality of the new solutions gives movement to the vertical surface, thanks to the play of light and shade rendering it dynamic and constantly moving under the attentive gaze of the light. The color combinations and combination with the neutral tones of the paintings and plasters or with the vibrant graphic patterns of the wallpapers generate different scenarios that can be classic or contemporary, minimal or eccentric.



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