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The shower area: an intimate setting for well-being

Disenia, cabina doccia vitrum

An intimate place that has expanded, been enriched and become diversified through the integration of advanced technologies, innovative materials, and new features.
Until a few years ago, the shower took up a very small area within the bathroom. The minimum, whatever space was needed to install the usual small, plate. In just a few years, all this has changed. The simple, walk-in shower became a cozy and safe setting for well-being, with flush-floor installations.
Thus, there has been a shift from standard proposals to customized solutions, from minimal equipment to plurality of jets, to optimal and customized water control. Lights and sounds were integrated to amplify the feeling of well-being; in short, a domestic microcosm was generated that could stimulate and regenerate all the senses.

Structures became increasingly lightweight and transparent.

Pure geometric shapes remain but many possibilities for openings and access have been added, from a functional aspect to ensure that the safest and most comfortable solution can be found for each project, and in terms of aesthetics, with the addition of new handles, profiles and hinges. It is through these structure-defining elements that a lot of work has been done to standardize the expression, customize the colours and define the dimensions, so that the shower area could harmoniously complement the other elements of the bathroom environment.

Customised shower trays and shower enclosures

The evolution has of course involved glass, which has increasingly larger, transparent or coloured, performance and safety, and also the shower tray. Today ceramics share the spotlight with steel, reconstructed stones, and synthetic materials. Traditional shapes can now be customised, niches can be leveraged well, and the quality of textured, non-slip surfaces is pleasant to touch and much safer.

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The intrinsic force of water

Alongside all these elements, which combine to define the volume of the shower, the real protagonist remains water with its intrinsic force and our human ability to interpret it to perpetuate the ritual of purification.
Water managed through technologies ensures an adequate flow rate, precise and constant temperature regulation and different types of jets for individual relaxation needs. Traditional showerheads today integrate waterfall showerheads that can also be placed on the wall, or misting in addition to rain showerheads. A multitude of combinations is possible because of the side jets used to regenerate certain parts of the body.

Colour therapy

Chromotherapy is an integral part of the shower area, and together with the sound diffusion tools and especially the jets, different scenarios can be preset and activated as needed according to individual user preferences. Private wellness is undoubtedly one of the themes of contemporary living, and the proposals on the market are moving towards extreme levels of customization.

Gessi, soffioni doccia pivate wellness

Designing with sources of water and light

Architectural wellness by Gessi is a scaled down architectural marvel integrated into the space with concealed ceiling mounted shower heads, collections of controls with different styles including vintage and endless finishing possibilities featuring trendy colours. Advanced technology that can be either conspicuous and enhanced or concealed is a leading characteristic, comparable with a dress that is moulded to the user's needs in terms of size, style, and type.

Gessi, soffioni doccia architectural wellness

CEA's Acquachiara expresses strength and purity with steel, the company's material of choice, offering an array of showerheads in different shapes and sizes, jet types and lights for a soft, yet essential shower area. A minimal, pure language, devoid of any decorative elements, which makes no attempt to distract attention from the power of water.

Cea, soffioni doccia acquachiara

Antoniolupi has also greatly focused on showerheads, originally to hide them from
view as simple technical elements that provide water, subsequently integrating lights and colours to the multiplicity of jets and recently with proposals such as Apollo that also transform into a decorative and furnishing element that lends identity, colour and character to the space.

Antonio lupi, soffioni doccia apollo

Fantini's Acquafit line is another multi-functional, multi-sensory option, with countless options for combining showerheads, hand showers and shower controls. This line proposes versatile and flexible proposals that do not stray from the company's stylistic consistency, but are designed to serve all requirements.

Fantini, soffioni doccia acquafit

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