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The true essence of materials: a dialogue between colours, textures and decors

Mutina, Gres Mews

The choice of materials available to clients and designers for moodboards is virtually endless. There are many possibilities for composition; the aesthetics and identity one wants to give to a space can be achieved through a plurality of proposals. Creativity is given almost limitless fertile ground. Images are coupled with surprising effects, vibrations of nuances and refined colour combinations, natural textures and decors are enhanced to express their innermost essence. And once again, three-dimensionality and rough finishes, reflections and chiaroscuro plays, homogeneity or infinite variations in tone are all aspirational elements.

Quality and expressiveness of coatings

When choosing materials for furnishing residential and other spaces, the focus should be on quality. Even though this text is about different materials, we must always take into consideration both the functional aspects and technical characteristics of each material, as well as its ability to generate emotions by creating engaging atmospheres. On the one hand, we seek performance and a natural fit within different spheres, and on the other hand, the ability to impart warmth, elegance, rigor and familiarity. Durability, strength and colour retention are some of the indispensable advantages in certain contexts, but expressiveness, dialogue with light, the ability to give value to a surface and express an idea is equally potent.

Mutina, Gres Mattonelle Margherita | Fiemme Tremila Parquet

Mutina Gres Mattonelle Margherita | Fiemme Tremila Parquet2

The fascination of interacting materials

A foundational theme in contemporary architecture and interior design is precisely the desire to interpret materials in relation to one another, rather than as stand-alone elements. To build a virtuous relationship, there must be a high degree of knowledge of each element. Wood, resins, stoneware, natural or reconstituted stone, and wallpapers are just some of the tools designers can use to build the identity of a space. Starting with natural materials, like wood with its innate modernity, the latter being a factor that enhances the material through the interaction and juxtaposition with other materials such as resins, ceramics or marble, enabling it to establish a virtuous dialogue that lends charm, personality and style to any space.

walledecò, carta da parati

Strong hues in juxtaposition with neutral tones

Floors must be easy to clean, durable and safe. They must be skilfully laid to expand the sense of space, define perspective, and generate surprise and wonder. On the wall, the three-dimensionality of some solutions allows for movement on the vertical surface, through the dynamic play of chiaroscuro that provides a feeling of perpetual motion under the watchful gaze of the light. The colour combinations and interchange with the neutral tones of the paintings and plasters or with the vibrant graphic patterns of the wallpapers generate different scenarios that can be classic or contemporary, minimal or eccentric.

Walledecò, carta da parati 1

Contemporary wainscoting envelops the space without oppressing it, natural marble finishes give softness to the surfaces, the customization of wallpapers allows for evocative domestic scenarios, and the three-dimensionality of stoneware creates fascinating contrasts of shadow and light.

Mutina Gres Rombini

Mutina Gres Rombini 1

The interplay of materials and textures

An unprecedented range of materials has become available through the new processing techniques that are available, providing an alternative between more neutral or hyper-decorated solutions, delicate or brighter colours, ornate or more minimal aesthetics. Parquets are available in a wide range of sizes, wood types, finishes, thicknesses and installation methods. Resins are uniform, homogeneous and perfect, but they can also provide unique shades and unusual, almost random effects. Ceramics and stoneware are technologically advanced and can reproduce any material with a performance upgrade. Stones carry within them the charm of uniqueness and exclusivity that only nature can give. Wallpapers make it possible to build scenic backdrops of all kinds, propose different interpretations of the same space, all while expressing creativity, personality and style. No material is superior to others; however, expertise allows for optimal use of each material in every project.

Kerakoll Design House Resina | Marmo Nero Marquinia

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