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Transforming the identity of a space


A new look for every room, a different image in terms of character and style, obtained thanks to the use of a wide range of materials that breathe new life into floors and walls, as well as fixed furnishings, furniture, accessories, doors and windows. A house can be reborn with a complete collection of materials that can establish the identity of a space, revitalize a floor or update a room without requiring invasive masonry work. Resins, cements, paints for wood or indoor or outdoor walls, can render even an obsolete element contemporary, harmoniously integrate surfaces and volumes, and chromatically homogenize all the different elements sharing the same space.

Renewing surfaces

The Kerakoll Design House offers a wide range of solutions for renovating ceramic or other surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens, simply by covering the tiles and providing them with a new personality. The collection's pastel-colored solids give horizontal and vertical surfaces an extraordinary material effect that enhances the tactility of the materials, adding a patina of elegance and charm that can be further enhanced with decorative details.

Renovating furniture elements

Various masonry elements or elements made of wood such as doors or furniture can be made uniform using Kerakoll materials, each of which has been developed for a specific purpose, to achieve a contemporary total look that combines vintage charm with a modern twist. The look of any house or space can be quickly changed without requiring extensive technical interventions, as the colors enhance the different textures of the materials and their relationship with light and a three-dimensional nature. From the living room to the bedroom and from the bathroom to the kitchen, the technical characteristics of Kerakoll paints ensure performance and durability while providing comfort and wellbeing. New domestic scenarios envelope our everyday life, as details are revealed to tell new stories involving all the senses.



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