The kitchen is the hub of the house and the social life of the family, a place around which to meet, spend time together while food is prepared and a space that allows you to return to the essence of home. The kitchen has undergone many evolutions in recent years. From an intimate place to a space of conviviality, from a circumscribed environment to an open area on the living room that merges into the rest of the house. This is an environment that must have specific characteristics, with its appropriate size, dedicated technologies, and functionality at the forefront, together with safety, ergonomics and rationality. Efficiency combined with aesthetics and technology make for a kitchen that is always connected. This is how the most advanced kitchen designs came about, in which the primary function of cooking is associated with the dense network of relationships and actions that are part of our daily lives. There is a wide range available, with different materials, door types, worktops, handles, and elements to be combined to create infinite configurations.

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