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Bertani Lab Presentation


Bertani Lab opens to the city.
The presentation of the Bertani Lab space created inside the Reggio Emilia showroom took place on Monday, 5 July.
The event was attended by institutions, entrepreneurs and companies who welcomed with interest the research and innovation project focused on solutions, materials and certified products that do not release pollutants to the indoor environment so as to protect the health and welfare of the residents.

The healthiness and comfort of the living spaces in which we spend most of our time have been addressed from different points of view with the interventions of Mauro Carretti of Golden Path, Andrea Rinaldi architect and university professor, and the psychologist and psychotherapist Andrea Sales. The cultural aspects related to indoor pollution, the prospects of the house of the future and the possible interactions between the people and the space in terms of living psychology were discussed.

The meeting concluded with a visit to the experimental space where visitors were able to experience an environment where man and health are at the center of the project and the parameters that affect the psychophysical well-being of individuals are respected in an optimal way.



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