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Experience wellness rituals surrounded by nature

Agape Vasca In out Cementoskin

A growing need for the outdoors coupled with a desire for relaxation and well-being in nature are needs as old as time, but they have never been as strong as now, with this desire being expressed even in urban, strongly anthropized contexts.

Treating oneself to moments of repose surrounded by greenery helps to revitalize the body and mind, place the frantic rhythms of daily life of pause and spend time alone relating to an expanded meaning of life.

For this reason, outdoor furniture and solutions have undergone a period of exceptional development of late, both in terms of the quantity and breadth of offers and the quality of their design and performance.

Outdoor tubs, showers and washbasins decorate gardens and terraces

The creation of authentic outdoor collections that are coordinated in style, 
use of suitable materials, and capacity to converse with the nature is indicative of the growing interest of manufacturers across this area. To further its reach, bathroom industry powerhouse Agape has released an outdoor line aptly called Outdoor, which adapts some of the brand's most popular ideas for use in less conventional settings. The shapes and lines of the outdoor models are faithfully translated on the basis of the models intended for use indoors, but there have been some tweaks made to the design in terms of installation and materials so that the outdoor versions can withstand the elements.

Agape Vasca DR Cemento

A bath in the green

The organically shaped DR tub or the IN-Out tub with its typical basin shape can be placed on the floor or embedded in platforms for use
outdoors. Both are made from Cementoskin®, a high-performance and completely environmentally friendly material. They are characterized by textured, natural colors and a surface finish that offers a velvet-like tactile sensation. Durable and long-lasting, the material is hygienic and resistant to dirt. The coloring method conveys the idea of a precious, unrefined material, of refined care and of an enveloping fabric that molds itself around the body.

Agape Vasca In out

Washbasins as colorful fountains in the garden

Cementoskin® is also used for washbasins, such as the freestanding Bjhon, born from a 1970 design by Angelo Mangiarotti that has rediscovered its outdoor essence and use (it was originally conceived as a planter). Similarly, Petra is a washbasin that recalls the fountains of our country's small villages, conveying the simplicity of a stone polished by water. Petra can be attached to a monolithic column but is also offered in a free-standing version.

Agape bjhon1 outdoor lavabo

Agape petra lavabo

Minimalist showers that fit into nature

To help beat the heat, whether you’re lounging by the pool or in the garden, Agape’s Outdoor Collection features minimal showers that fit perfectly into the environment. An example is the shower Square by Benedini Associati, a column with a shower head with pure shapes, made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel (polished or satin) that can be installed on a platform and guarantees an invigorating and regenerating jet of water. Open air, the floor-standing shower consisting of a PVC hose that climbs like a vegetable up a black anodized aluminum support with a dark grey Cementoskin® base, is another option.

Agape square colonna doccia per esterni

Agape open air doccia da esterno

The elegance of the circular shower tray

However, perfection between artifice and nature is achieved with Amulet, the shower tray with perfect geometry that synthesizes the connection between the natural inspiration of the pristine sheet of water and the human idea of designing and shaping the material to enhance its essence. Made of Petit Granit marble, it offers an elegant aesthetic with its dark color and a unique tactile feel.

Agape Piatto doccia Amuleto Petit granit

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