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Agape Outdoor Collection

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New living trends show how rigid functional definitions of spaces are increasingly blurring into one another. Environments are fusing as boundaries expand. The Agape Outdoor Collection is the expression of these assumptions, with a selection of products that, due to the nature of their materials, can be used as bathroom or outdoor furnishings. Body care rituals are thus placed in outdoor contexts such as terraces and natural environments such as gardens.

The Petra project is made of Cementoskin, a dirt-resistant material available in 5 natural colors. Tops, washbasins, shower systems and the iconic DR bathtub designed by Marcio Kogan are available in this material.

The use of stainless steel allows the Vieques bathtubs and washbasins to be placed in open spaces, as well as the Ufo bathtub which is ideally suited for outdoor spaces, due to its large size.

Other elements that are in perfect balance in outdoor environments are the sculptural Bjhon basins designed by Mangiarotti made of Petit Granit marble or Cementoskin in the different countertop or freestanding washbasin versions.

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