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Argille - Wall cladding

Argille is the latest product created by Hdsurface to join the range of continuous surfaces.

Argille is not a resin but a compound of natural clays, cellulose fiber and marble dust. It is a natural, breathable wallcovering.

Its surface is naturally textured due to the grainy compound from which it is derived. It is spread by trowel on vertical surfaces and each human gesture enriches the ripples and vibrations of the texture with its craftsmanship.

The result is a surface that is pleasant to the touch and the light that runs through it emphasizes the material appeal of the product.

The palette consists of 18 neutral tones obtained by mixing colored earths and oxides. Expressiveness and creativity are conveyed through contemporary interior design trends both in terms of color and the desire to enrich two-dimensional surfaces with new meanings and values.

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