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The layers of time that tell a story


A villa located in the hills of Reggio Emilia, embodying a modern architectural endeavor that pays homage to history and embraces the imprints of time, origins, and the enduring marks etched within the human psyche. An exquisite blend of the minimalist design of the elements and the opulent textures of the surfaces, harmoniously marrying the precision of the layout with the intricate interplay of textures enhanced by shifts in color, shade, or depth.

The Cedit Storie collection establishes a style that transcends the contemporary

The design concept finds its best expression in the bathroom, seamlessly blending technical elements and aesthetics to establish a style that is beyond contemporary. The dominant features of the horizontal and vertical surfaces are the oversized Cedit slabs from the Storie series, which are employed for both flooring and wall coverings. The collection itself reflects the essence of the project, representing a deliberate and confident decision to create a backdrop for the elements within the space. This porcelain stoneware collection, designed by Zanellato & Bortotto for one of the Florim Group brands, replicates the characteristic effects and wear marks, akin to the natural stratification that only time can produce or the imagery seen in frescoes. This is made possible through a decorating technology applied to the large format slabs.


Bathroom cabinet with rigorous and essential lines

The collection beautifully captures the aesthetic of cracks, chips, and peeling paint often seen in rustic country houses, recreating these elements on ceramic surfaces. This serves as an ideal complement to the ceramics and furniture selections.
Like the Sense bathroom cabinet by Idea Group vanity with integrated top and built-in stoneware washbasin. The essentiality of the lines, light shades and thin thicknesses of the ceramic perfectly design the geometries and edges for absolutely pure volumes. A whiteness enhanced by the metallic reflections of the faucets, the AL/23 series with its simplicity, the design by Piero Lissoni for Fantini, evokes the essential nature of fountains and industrial installations. This is evident in the lever, which emphasizes the concept of preserving memories, a central theme in the project.



Shower tray featuring a surface material that harmonizes with the wall tiles

The polished chrome brass of the faucets adds a brilliant touch, highlighting the curved surfaces and the pristine white Geberit Icon series sanitaryware, known for its gentle, embracing forms. A timeless collection with the versatility to complement various style settings. The Sestra shower tray, also from the Swiss brand, is white too. A surface that reintroduces the idea of materiality, pervading the entire bathroom environment with its stone-like appearance, blending aesthetics and functionality due to its exceptional non-slip characteristics. Constructed from Resin Stone, it offers impressive strength and longevity, benefiting from Geberit's advanced technology.



Project by Camilla Marano - Interior Designer Showroom in Reggio Emilia
Photo credits Luca Uccelli - Rossella Vergnani

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