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Bringing a home with an Art Nouveau style up to modern standards


Renovating an Art Nouveau house in the historic district, the interior design team took cues from the rooms' layouts and the building's architecture to create a modern look that emphasizes light and shadow, complex textures and colors, and the interplay between solids and voids. A project whose defining characteristics are meticulousness and the quest of perfection in every respect.
All of the rooms, including the bathrooms, showcase the meticulous attention to detail surrounding the subject of materials and proportions between volumes. Flooring, wall coverings, and the parts that comprise them, including sinks, tubs, and fixtures, all receive considerable attention in spaces that vary in size, personality, and the amount of natural light that enters. Developed in accordance with integrated thinking that considers color, relief, and reflection as well as material combinations; additionally, developed and designed to serve the client's functional requirements.

Circular furniture parts are manipulated by a three-dimensional ceramic cloth.

The teal blue-colored Neutra 6.0 by Florim floor in the master bathroom serves as a backdrop for the other components of the design. The Biscuit wall cladding by 41zero42 creates a three-dimensional wall with an apparently random texture that can interact with light to define an attractive and refined texture; it contrasts with the dark, bold base. An original "fabric" that serves as a backdrop for the pure and absolute image of the Cilindro basin by Ideagroup in black lacquered Cristalplant. With the matte black faucet series Milo360 by CEA Design mounted on the wall, it becomes a generating element that chromatically harmonizes the composition, thanks to its perfect absolute geometry. Completing the decor is the circular mirror Circus by antoniolupi and the IC Light Suspension 1 lights by Flos.



An external wall sliding door in etched glass from Rimadesio connects the two spaces of the bathroom. It has a translucent and light diaphragm that is both stylish and useful. In the adjacent area also the towel warmer V8 by Antrax is in a black shade. The regular geometry of the classic ladder shape contrasts with the soft, sinuous lines of the white App sanitary ware by Flaminia. Two wall elements, behind which the Supreme by 41zero42 cladding was placed, consist of a porcelain stoneware that reproduces the black-and-white texture of natural stone.
The 3 mm showerhead by Gessi headlines the total white shower area in Walkin glass by Makro. It is in black, like the faucet.


The charm of the attic bathroom: coziness and warm colors

An intimate space on the upper level, the bathroom is dominated by the exposed roof's wooden beams and lit by natural light streaming in through a window. Inside, you'll find the Normal tub by Agape in biobased white Cristalplant with a subtle shape for a larger base. Stainless steel faucets from the Milo360 series by CEA Design are given a gentler edge by the white version of Scaletta, an electric radiator by Tubes that provides a tinge of irony.



The walls and flooring are mostly beige in color, with the Industrial collection by Florim serving as the main floor and the I Classici series in the Calacatta Gold serving as the backsplash. The latter also appears in the shower area, adorned with the characteristic veining of the marble.
Modulo 30, a pure floor-standing parallelepiped that holds the integrated Corian washbasin, is the protagonist of the room and is designed by Makro. The rechargeable and portable TeTaTeT light by davidegroppi evokes one-of-a-kind feelings of tranquility and relaxation because to its enduring poetic feel.


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