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Sophisticated conversations between substance and hue

Materia e colore

A radiant setting where architectural and interior design selections combine to establish an ambiance of cozy warmth, creating a space where the excellence of materials, textures, and finishes reflects a modern and sophisticated sensibility. This luxurious master bathroom in a private villa is the result of careful consideration of the client's wants and demands in terms of design.

The charm of the hexagon

The flooring not only defines the room but also imparts a sense of continuity along its length while adding a touch of softness. The grey shade of the Phenomenon Hexagon series by Mutina serves to adorn and enhance the surface, even in its monochromatic simplicity, acting as a prelude for the true stars of the composition. The hexagon, with its pure geometric form, exhibits clear analogies to the natural world. At the same time, it's a nod to the past by evoking the widespread implementation of this geometric form in interior design. It is a grid, a pattern used to "quantify" space and establish rules for the layout of three-dimensional objects.

Phenomenon hexagon mutina

Japanese-style wallpaper is combined with the smoothness of resin for a tactile experience.

A portion of the walls is adorned with Wall&Decò wallpaper featuring Japanese-themed designs. This solution infuses personality into the space and defines the washbasin area, offering a covering that seamlessly blends aesthetics and practicality. Advancements in production technologies have made it feasible to employ high-performance wallpapers in bathrooms, capable of enduring water, humidity, and mechanical strain. The walls of the shower area, as well as the tray, are in grey resin. An up-to-date and practical surface covering that imparts substance to the structure by extending seamlessly, both horizontally and vertically. A custom-designed and made-to-measure wellness niche, paying meticulous attention to detail even in the glass enclosure, which houses an Afilo shower head by Gessi featuring an integrated waterfall jet and chromotherapy function.

Carta da parati ambienti umidi Wall&Decò

Exploring multiple functions: the bathroom cabinet transforms into a comfortable seating area.

The equilibrium between filled and empty spaces also defines the furniture, with particular emphasis on the washbasin section featuring the extensive horizontal design of the Cubik by Ideagroup. This piece is distinguished by its strict aesthetics and clean, linear forms. The countertop is crafted from Corian and hosts an integrated washbasin with sleek, square lines and a discreetly concealed drain The variation in front designs includes an upper portion finished in matte Sahara glass, complemented by the use of dark grey chestnut wood essence for the lower storage units. The lower section of the chest of drawers serves a dual purpose, providing a comfortable seating option with cushions that feature upholstery echoing the intricate details of the wallpaper in an elegant blend of colors.

Mobile portalavabo Cubik Idea

Reimagining the basin tap with the sophistication of remote control.

Precision and the use of high-quality materials extend to the fittings as well. Giotto by CEA Design, features in both the washbasin and the shower. It is a collection entirely crafted from stainless steel, in line with the company's commitment to hygiene, resilience, and longevity in all its products. The minimalistic and fundamental shapes amplify the contemporary sophistication of the composition. Mounting the spout on the wall, seamlessly integrated into the custom-made mirror, enhances the sense of airiness, creating an open space on the countertop where only the mixer handle is positioned.

Rubinetteria per lavabo Giotto CEA Design

An intimate space for minimalist bathroom fixtures

A perfect balance of straight and curved lines defines the shape of the sanitary ware of the Semplice line by Nic Design in a matte white finish. The growing popularity of a matte finish in today's bathrooms, along with their compact dimensions, makes these elements perfect for discreet placement in the most private and secluded corners of the space, ensuring the utmost intimacy.

The bathroom is accessed via a full-height sliding door by Rimadesio. The gray door is characterized by simplicity and minimalism, featuring concealed profiles and a seamlessly integrated handle. An elegant detail, marked by absolute formal purity, that serves as the signature of a consistent and refined design.

Wc e bidet Semplice Nic Design

chiusura doccia cristallo trasparente

Project by Rossella Vergnani - Interior Designer Showroom in Reggio Emilia
Photo credits Luca Uccelli - Rossella Vergnani

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