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Play of surfaces and volumes in the bathroom

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Elegant proposals, collections with a contemporary look that functionally and perfectly merge into the space while providing aesthetics in line with the design of the bathroom for the headquarters of a modern and dynamic company. The care taken in the design of the rooms attests to the attention paid to people and the comfort of the spaces in which they live, in harmony with the company's vision.




The absolute shape and perfect cylindrical geometry of the Core ceramic washbasin by Galassia expresses a minimalist yet unassuming language that lends identity to the room. Used in the suspended version, it has a thin rim that increases the overall lightness and the capacity of the basin. Core dialogues harmoniously with the absolute perfection of CEA Design's wall-mounted tapware. Clean, essential and rigorous, it guarantees maximum hygiene and durability through the excellence of steel. Flaminia's Link wall-hung sanitary ware, which blends in well with the design of the bathrooms, completes the rooms. Aesthetics, functionality and ease of cleaning are ensured by the wall-hung versions that allow for easy cleaning of floors and surfaces.




An interesting design and research project was carried out on the surfaces to create volumes in a contemporary language of uniform shades and colors, enhanced by more impactful and distinctive perspective backdrops. Resin is the absolute protagonist of the floors and also of part of the coverings, enveloping the elements and enhancing the absolute purity of white and the dimensional balance between the elements though a contrasting play. 

Ceramic is the other material on vertical surfaces to form a backdrop for the washbasins. Mutina wall tiles from the Primavera collection were chosen, a porcelain stoneware that adds apparently random notes of color and dynamism to the composition, and the Rombini series in the Triangle model, which turns three-dimensionality into a geometric "decoration". The surface thus comes to life in a sequence of lights and shadows to create parallel vertical traces on the wall, capturing the viewer's attention. Ceramic tiles with a glossy satin effect and a rectangular strip-type module with vertical orientation complete the wall covering and vibrate with reflections generated by the consistent lighting design.


Project by Matteo Spotti - Showroom Architect in Parma
Rendering by Matteo Spotti - Showroom Architect in Parma

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