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The perfect organization of space


The simplicity of the floor plan, the impeccable organization of the available space, and the rationalization of the overall dimensions and volumes are the main features of this private home’s two bathrooms.
The orthogonality of the lines and the pure geometry of the elements contribute to defining an orderly and functional whole, in which each specific area has its proper space and the different functions are optimally integrated.
Comfort, relaxation and well-being are guaranteed by the quality of the materials used, the technologies installed, and the optimal use of water.

Different materials are combines through the resin backdrops.

A concrete-effect resin surface with a very textured image covers the floors and walls of both bathrooms, giving them a cozy appearance while providing a neutral background for the bathroom furnishings. The storage units, washbasin area and shower/relaxation area are intelligently distributed to create an efficient and rational environment.

The stoneware slabs deliver a total look that also encompasses the furniture

Marble-effect stoneware slabs are the stars of the first bathroom where decidedly dark shades reign. Here the ceramic surfaces cover the bathtub and shower area, which is separated from the rest of the space by a sliding glass door system, as well as the drawer fronts, top and storage units.
The limited thickness of the slabs translates into extreme lightness, which also allows them to be used as cladding for furniture and containers. This total look of a dark shade rich in lighter hues lends identity to the room and does not overburden the space.


Black and white

Here, where black is the dominant color, together with the grey of the resin, the purity of white stands out even more, highlighting the round countertop Simplo washbasin by antoniolupi, shown here in the form of two coupled elements, as well as the sanitaryware and the bathtub.
The taps and shower heads also boast a pure geometrical feel, with straight and square lines for a rigorous and elegant presence.
The brilliant reflections generated by natural light play with the glass surfaces and the large circular mirror, multiplying the perspectives of the space and increasing the overall well-being of the room.


The rationality of the spaces

In the second bathroom, two niches in sequence on the same wall have been created to accommodate an armoire and shower area.
The first area includes a space for the washing machine, enabling it and all its accessories to be hidden, ensuring that the space is kept clutter-free and tidy.
The large shower area, on the other hand, is entirely clad with large marble-effect porcelain stoneware slabs that reproduce the tones, shades and color variations of light statuary marble. This is a cladding that conveys elegance and prestige while transforming the space hierarchy.

Color as a precious note

The storage units in the washbasin area, as well as the cabinet in the niche, are lacquered in a bright red color that catches the eye and chromatically embellishes even the more neutral tones that characterize the rest of the bathroom.
The result is an extremely refined environment that fully performs the functions of a laundry area while maintaining the characteristics of a guest bathroom.



Project by Matteo Spotti - Showroom Architect in Parma
Rendering by Matteo Spotti - Showroom Architect in Parma

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