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The sophisticated elegance of balance


A design of elegant simplicity and measured balance furnishes the bathroom of this private residence with only a few but significant elements. The complexity of this design is hidden in the formal cleanliness and "sense of measure" that comes from the balance of forms, the search for proportions, and the neutral tones that highlight the image as a whole rather than focusing on the single elements.

Resin is the star material

Resin is the protagonist that seamlessly envelops all the vertical and horizontal surfaces. A uniform veil stretches from the floor to the walls, forming a neutral backdrop for the different elements and objects that furnish the space. This solution gives the bathroom a contemporary image that combines aesthetic qualities with high performance in terms of resistance, hygiene and durability. The chromatic uniformity of the resin is enhanced by natural light that illuminates the space with varying intensity and direction throughout the day.

Purely geometrical furniture

Pure geometry characterizes the basic elements of the composition, such as the cabinet with drawers, the large circular mirror, the shower cubicle and other storage furniture. The shapes of the sanitaryware are more organic, elegant and slender, and the soft, curved lines of the SmartB washbasin create a continuum. The thin edges lighten the visual clutter of the countertop basin, save material and give the basin a larger capacity.


Light as a suspended line

The Shangahi lamp by davide groppi is the sophisticated detail that adds value to the whole. Suspended above the washbasin, it draws a two-dimensional line that ‘divides' the large surface of the mirror. The extreme lightness of the shape, the truly reduced square cross-section, and the preciousness of the brushed brass finish add up to the quality of the light provided by an LED source and a methacrylate diffuser, optimally illuminating the washbasin below to facilitate operations in the washing area.

The elegance of black details

The elegant black finish, which has been enjoying much success for some years now, distinguishes the metal elements, enhancing them by contrasting with the purity of white or the transparency of glass, while conferring uniformity and harmony. The Milo360 faucet by Cea design and the shower box profiles are in black, as are the shower head and hand shower, creating a striking total look. The also black “ladder” shaped V8 radiator by Antrax is placed near the washbasin to double as a practical towel holder.


Project by Matteo Spotti - Showroom Architect in Parma
Rendering by Matteo Spotti - Showroom Architect in Parma

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